Tuvalu 2016 1$ The War of the Worlds - The HMS Thunder Child Famous Ships That Never Sailed 1 oz Proof Silver Coin

Tuvalu 2015 1$ The War of the Worlds - The HMS Thunder Child Famous Ships That Never Sailed 1 oz Proof Silver Coin

HMS Thunder Child is the name of the fictional ironclad torpedo ram of the Royal Navy, destroyed by Martian fighting-machines in H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, while protecting a refugee rescue fleet of civilian vessels.

This 8th and final!!! issue of our Perth Mint exclusive series “Famous Fantasy Ships” is dedicated to the fantastic novel “The War of the Worlds”.

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Country: Tuvalu Metal Purity: 999 Box: Yes
Year of Issue: 2016 Coin Weight: 31.1 g CoA: Yes
Face Value: 1 dollar Dimensions: 40 mm ID: TV0065
Quality: Proof Mintage quantity: 3000 pcs

In the novel Wells gives only a rough description of the ship, describing her thus: “About a couple of miles out lay an ironclad, very low in the water, almost, to my brother's perception, like a water-logged ship. This was the ram Thunder Child.” A few paragraphs later, it is said that "It was the torpedo ram, Thunder Child, steaming headlong, coming to the rescue of the threatened shipping".

In Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation, the ship is described as an ironclad but not specifically a ram or a torpedo ram; the album cover art illustration of Thunder Child is of a pre-dreadnought battleship such as the Canopus-class in combat with a Martian tripod. The ship is also depicted in art in the Classics Illustrated comic book adaptation of the novel, also appearing as a typical pre-dreadnought battleship of the era. The real torpedo ram Polyphemus was fast, heavily armoured for her size, and capable of operating in shallow coastal waters; her hull was low in the water with a raft-like superstructure mounting six 1-inch Nordenfelt guns, again very much unlike a pre-dreadnought battleship.

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