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New Coin In Stock!


Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral - NEW Coin In Series!

Check out a new issue in the Windows of Heaven series at a discounted price! 

Only 2 000 silver pieces struck, each one with a gorgeous stained-glass window insert. Already in stock!

Independence Day Discount!


Special Fourth-of-July Deal:

Only JUNE 27- JULY 6 get 10% OFF on ALL silver coins! 

To apply the discount, use the following promo code when placing your order: ID-DYW-4HV. Valid for US customers for one time use only.

Celebrate America’s Independence Day with!


The Anatomy of a Coin


In the past, coin collection was considered a hobby for those with time on their hands. However, people have now started to consider it as a profitable investment as they can gain a considerable amount of money by selling their ancient coins. If this sparks your interest, one thing you should be aware of is that the monetary value of every coin tends to vary by its anatomy.