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Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

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At TopWorldCoins, we always strive to give our customers the most value for their partnership with us.

Recently, we launched a customer loyalty program where our loyal customers are rewarded with discounts and bonuses for subsequent purchases.

After buying our coins, we reward you with a percentage of all your purchases as a bonus. You can thereafter make more purchases and collect more coins.

The Customer Loyalty Program is our special way of thanking you for your patronage! Keep buying and we will continue to encourage your passion with the opportunity to buy more!


Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions


1. The Customer Loyalty Program is free for all our customers and available to any individual. However, registration on our website, registered at, is the seal of membership to enjoy the loyalty program benefits.


2. After buying coins, members receive a cashback of 6.7% of their orders. This percentage cashback does not apply to purchases on other websites that list our coins in their numismatic categories e.g. eBay, and Amazon, or if the purchase is wholesale.


3. The percentage cashback is accumulated after the customer makes payment of orders.


4. There is an option that allows you to pay for part of your order with the cumulative percentage cashback. However, you can only use the percentage cashback to make payments after the first accumulation of 100 euros.


5. The minimum amount of one product after the application of accumulated percentage cashback must not be less than 20 euros.


NOTE: If the price after applying cashback is less than 20 euros, the discount will not be accrued on the price of the given product and is therefore distributed in equal parts among other products in the order.


6. The minimum order amount with two products after application of percentage cashback must not be less than 40 euros, while for three goods, 60 euros, e.t.c.


7. The customer can use any amount of accrued percentage cashback, however, this is subject to the requirements of numbers 5 and 6 above.


8. You can not apply the percentage cashback advantage for any other payment option aside from the purchase of products. For example, delivery of the products.


NOTE: In case of fraud or suspicion of fraud, the company has a legal obligation to inform appropriate law enforcement agencies and block the customer's cashback until the case is clarified.