Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

Collect profitably with TopWorldCoins


Our customer loyalty rewards program is a great opportunity to get more benefits while buying our coins.

Now, you have a chance to earn money from your orders – we will pay you a percentage back.

This cashback can be spent on the next orders.


Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions


1. Membership in the Loyalty Program is free and available to any individual who has already registered at www.topworldcoins.com.


2. After buying coins, the user receives the cashback that equals 6,7% from the whole order.
NOTE: It concerns only those orders that are made on the website www.topworldcoins.com. It does not include wholesale or eBay orders.


3. The cashback is accumulated after a client will make the payment of the order.


4. You can partially pay for the order by received cashback.


5. You can use the cashback after the first accumulation of 100 euros.


6. The minimum order amount with one product after the application of cashback must be not less than 20 euros.
NOTE: If the price after applying cashback is less than 20 euros, the discount will not be accrued on the price of the given product and is distributed in equal parts among other products in the order.


7. The minimum order amount with two products after application of cashback must be not less than 40 euros, three goods - 60 euros, etc.


8. The customer can use any amount of accrued cashback money (subject to the requirements of the 8th rule).


9. You can not use the cashback while paying for the delivery of products.


NOTE: In case of suspicion of fraud, the company reserves the right to inform law enforcement authorities and block the client's cashback until the case is clarified.