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Campo Del Cielo Meteorite – the Last Coin in Meteorite Art Series!


The Campo Del Cielo coin is the fourth and last issue in the “Meteorite Art” series. This coin is dedicated to one of the largest meteorites in the world that is called Campo Del Cielo.

The Field of Heaven is the name of an area where the pieces of this meteorite crashed into the Earth’s surface approximately 4000-5000 years ago. In all likelihood, some local tribes were the witnesses of this event and then told about this catastrophe in their legends. It seems that the meteorite exploded in atmosphere and shattered into thousands of pieces because the whole area of meteorite debris field was more than 60 km in size.

The given coin features a real piece of this meteorite, cut and polished in order to showcase its beautiful structure. On the reverse of the coin, we can see an incredible crater which contains a real Campo del Cielo meteorite. The obverse depicts a beautiful landscape of the location where the chunks of pure natural quartz glass were found and features the Chad Coat of Arms. Another special peculiarity of the Campo Del Cielo coin is its elegant wooden case that comes together with the Certificate of Authenticity. Note that the mintage is only 500 pieces worldwide.

The Campo Del Cielo coin is highly appreciated in investing in collectible low mintage coins, so do not lose the opportunity to buy this incredible coin following the link below!

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