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Coin As a Gift


Special occasions, whether it is a friend's birthday, a bundle of joy in a relatives’ family or a colleague’s wedding — bring us happiness but at the same time also raise the age-old problem of choosing a present. After all, it’s not easy to guess the other person’s tastes, even if it is a very close person. But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel — it’s a perfect time to recall the old tradition of making gifts of ... coins.

Coin (especially if it’s made of a precious metals) is an all-in-one gift. Unquestionably original, completely unexpected, very compact, virtually imperishable and even more — gaining it’s value as the years pass by.

But though the tradition is old, nowadays it’s more preferable to give modern coins. First, it is an absolute guarantee of authenticity, and secondly, unlike the old coins, new commemorative collectable coins are issued exclusively in limited editions with enhanced quality (so-called Proof, or Proof-like quality) and thus have a perfect look, well, third, modern market of collectible coins is constantly replenished with new masterpieces of numismatic art.

In addition to traditional materials - gold and silver, and combinations thereof, precious and semi-precious stones are widely used in production of modern collectible coins, as well as a variety of artistic techniques that cannot be imagined in the usual token money, such as enamel. The form also may differ from the traditional round. And last but not least, the variety of topics that modern coins are devoted to is so great that selecting the proper gift is not difficult at all. Welcome to a fascinating journey into the world of numismatics, and let the gift bring joy to the one to whom it is intended!

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