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Common Coin Collection Themes


Coin collecting is an exciting, yet expensive hobby. Generally, people have an interest in ancient things are most likely to start a coin collection. After all, what can be more unique and valuable than an ancient coin collection! Moreover, there are many who prefer collecting by themes rather than coins, probably because they want their collection to exhibit a specific pattern. On that note, here are some popular coin collection themes that you can select for building your personal collection:

Amazing Wildlife

Young or old, most people are fascinated by wildlife. It has got such a special appeal that you just can’t resist looking at it continually. So keeping that in mind, a coin collection based on a wildlife theme sounds like a fantastic idea. Moreover, there’s a wide array of unique animal themed coins, from birds to animals to a variety of other species from around the world.

Space and Astronomy

Another common coin collecting theme is space and astronomy. Now you don’t necessarily have to an enthusiast in order to collect such coins. Space is a subject that arouses a lot of curiosity and awe. So, including space themed coins or better having an entire collection based on space and astronomy coins surely leave the onlookers in sheer admiration.

History and Ancient Personalities

This is probably one of the most popular coin collection themes today. No collection can be complete without some unique ancient coins. It’s the factor that separates a mediocre collection from a splendid one. These coins generally include depictions of prominent ancient personalities, historic events and similar things. So, if you’re interested in history, this coin collection theme is perfect for you!

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac themed coins are undoubtedly some of the most elegant coins you’ll come across. They are available both in gold and silver. In addition, the coins feature 12 amazing depictions of zodiac signs. So whether you planning on to start a coin collection or thinking about a good birthday gift (of perhaps even a keepsake), zodiac themed coins serve both purposes quite well.


Who doesn’t love nature! Stunning landscapes, scenery, and flowers are indeed the some of the most beautiful sights in the world. That is why a coin collection based on nature seems a great choice. These coins usually feature colorful flowers, amazing landscapes and things related to nature.


If there’s one coin collection theme that’s most common, it’s country coins. People constantly seek current and past coins of a particular country to add to their collection. Coin themes may include traditional countries such as Great Britain, USA, Germany and Australia or more exotic places such as British Virgin Islands, Cook Island, Kazakhstan, Andorra Russia, Belarus, Niue, Fiji and Palau.

Color-Based Coins

Another terrific theme for coin collection is color. Coins are available in a number of attractive colors, with gold, silver and brass (brownish) being the most popular ones. So, you can choose a color that appeals you the most and then start collecting coins based on that choice. Note that your choice will also be influenced by your budget.

Lunar Calendar

The best thing about the lunar calendar theme is that you will find unique and new coins every now and then featuring animal symbols of lunar calendar such as the famous red dragon. So in this way you can constantly update your collection, thus keeping its appeal intact.

Love and Luck

The best thing you can gift your loved ones are coins that reflect your love for them, while wishing them good luck. Love and luck coins feature wonderful engravings such as Anne Geddes, hearts, horse shoe, etc.

Masterpieces of Art and Architecture

Art is something that fascinates everyone (young and old) and therefore, serves as a fantastic theme for your coin collection. These coins include engravings of popular art and architecture such as the Statue of Liberty, Russian monasteries, etc.

Antique Finish

Coins with an antique finish have a vintage appearance and possess a high degree of noble beauty. That is why they are highly sought after by coin enthusiasts. Interestingly, through modern techniques new coins are transformed into aged coins (antique finish), thus elevating its value.

Glass and Locket Insert

For coin enthusiasts with a sense of modernity, this theme is ideal. These coins feature an amazing combination of outer design and fascinating inserts, which can be viewed from both sides.

Stone Insert

Gemstones have always been a stunning facet of inlaid jewelry. So considering its incredible beauty, coin makers has started to incorporate precious and semi-precious stones in coins (usually placed in the middle).

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