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Elephant – 1st Coin in Mandala Collection!


This coin opens a Mandala Collection series. Why is this collection devoted to mandalas? There are many reasons for it. First of all, a mandala is such a symbol that can best render a beauty of geometric forms. Secondly, it contains some underneath meaning. In Sanskrit, the word «mandala» means a circle. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is considered to be a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. Scratch beneath the surface, it symbolizes that life has no end, and everything is connected.

It is commonly believed that the mandala is also a symbol of the spiritual journey of a person where the initial level lies in understanding our unity in cosmos, and next is finding your own place within it. And last but not least is the fact that mandalas are used not only for meditation and relaxation but also for removing irritating thoughts and allowing the creative mind to run free. People use colorful mandalas while painting the temples, walls, textiles, and inner ceilings because they believe that mandalas help them in centring the body and mind.

In this coin, there are even two powerful symbols. Apart from the mandala, we can observe here another special symbol - an elephant. It also bears a strongly positive symbolic meaning. In any country of the world, it is well-known that the elephant is associated with many things like good luck, power, success, sacred wisdom, and experience. The proverb says that if you place a lucky elephant at the entry to your home, you will be able always to stay away from ill-fortune. That is why today, we can observe a great number of elephant necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.

Our coin is not an exception. Being a struck from 2 oz of pure silver, this coin highlights a beautifully stylized image of an elephant enhanced by digital printing and inscribed into elaborate mandala motifs. And it is not the end concerning the decorations of the coin. Elephant coin contains a genuine Swarovski insert and an incredibly vibrant multi-colored application.

Evidently, there are enough reasons why you need to buy it right now! For it, please, follow the link below.

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