Handling Proof


You’ve become a lucky owner of a brand-new collectible proof coin. You open the mail package, craving to hold your precious coin and feel the cold metal with your fingers… And what do you find? Your long-awaited coin is packed in a transparent plastic box! You start looking for a screwdriver or a knife to get rid of that last obstacle… Stop!

This is the number one rule — never, ever open that transparent plastic capsule, often called the lens. It is specially designed to showcase the coin and at the same time to prevent it from being damaged. Maybe it will be tempting but proof coins should never be taken out of the capsules they arrive in. Otherwise one single fingerprint may destroy all it’s collectible value.

Let’s imagine that there is some very important reason to take your proof coin out of the capsule – for example, to put it in a new capsule because the original one got damaged in some way. And here we meet rule number two — the only part of the coin you can touch is the edge!

 Rule number three — never ever touch your coin with bare fingers, even the edges! You should always wear special soft cotton gloves and/or use a special pair of tweezers with protected tips. You should pick the coin with your primary hand, gripping it firmly with the thumb and the forefinger — this is the most secure grip. If you touch the mirror part of the coin with unprotected finger, there will be no chance of removing the fingerprint without damaging the coin. Keep in mind that a couple of papillary lines and even a single line can drastically reduce the value of the proof coin.

If you are going to pull your coin out of the box — do it above a soft surface to reduce damage in case you accidentally drop it.  Also, make sure that the room is free of dust.

When the proof coin is already out — you should wear a medical mask to prevent drops of saliva and other organic fluids from getting on a coin in case you will sneeze, or cough, or talk.

Plan what you’ll do with the coin before you open the mint protective packaging or the capsule. If you want to take a photo of the coin, set the light and camera in advance.

Rule number four — if some dust managed to get on the proof coin, the only way to remove it is the squirrel fur brush or an air bulb. Never wipe your coins with cloth, even the softest cloth will scrape proof coin’s surface.

Rule number five — sore your coin collection in a dry place with stabile temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight. It will help you to retain the beauty and value of your treasures.

P.S. If after some time you’ll find out that there are some “milk spots” on the coin, don’t open the capsule to clean it off. It is not your fault; they’ve been there invisible from the start and just developed with the passing of time. You won’t be able to remove it.


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