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How to Store Coins


Starting a coin collection is relatively easy, but maintaining it is rather difficult. Many coin collectors tend to neglect the importance of proper storage of coins. As a result, their collectables are either misplaced or damaged, two scenarios that are equally exasperating. However, proper storage not only protects your coins from humidity and harmful chemicals, but also makes your collection more presentable and appealing. Plus, you will not have to fret about your coins getting misplaced or even lost.

The best thing about coin storage is that you do not have to spend big amounts of money to get one. There are a number of cost-effective storage solutions available that serve this purpose reasonably well. So, without further ado, here are most popular storage options for coin collectors.


First on the list are containers. This storage option is mostly used by beginners probably because of the convenience it offers. So if you are just starting out with a handful of coins, a small box or jar with a lid would do great. However, once your collection begins to grow, you may want to adopt a better storage method such as those given below.


Albums are definitely one of the cheapest and effective ways of storing coins. The reason that makes this storage option ideal is its showcase-like appearance, which allows coin collectors to flaunt their collections to the max. All in all, coin albums are the perfect way of only not storing coins, but also showing them off.

Coin Holders

Coin holders are more versatile as they are available in three different materials:

  1. Cardboard Holders - These are basically a couple of 2×8 cardboard pieces that have round holes cut through them. The holes are covered with plastic to give a window-like appearance.
  2. Mylar Holders – This type of coin holders are one step ahead in terms quality, protection and, of course, price. The structure of the holder is the same as the previous one, with the only difference being the Mylar-type plastic material. This is why it is ideal for storing coins with lesser value.
  3. Plastic Holders – These coin holders are by far the best, therefore the most expensive among the three. These holders are made of solid plastic, which is why they are used for storing precious and expensive coins.

Coin Trays

Like albums, coin trays are known for their high degree of presentability. Designed specifically to store coins, these trays have a velvet layer and consist of holes for storing several coins. In addition, they generally use Perspex covering, ensuring that your valuable coins remain safe from damage.

Coin Tubes

Coin tubes are perfect for people with large volumes of insignificant, low-graded coins. These are essentially small plastic tubes used for inserting coins, which are then covered with a cap/lid. One of the advantages of coin tubes is that they offer huge storage for coins. This is why this storage option is perfect for people with large collections.

Now that you know where to store your coin collection, make sure to protect it using one of these options


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