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Kama Sutra – The Symbol of Love, Sexuality and Emotional Fulfillment in Life!


We are happy to present to you our own new project – Kama Sutra. This astonishing 3 oz silver coin opens Moments of Love series. Here we have decided to cover a new topic in the numismatic world – love and sexuality.

Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text about the nature of sexuality, inner power and emotional fulfillment in life that dates back to the times between 400 BCE and 300 CE. The powerful philosophy of this famous work was an inspiration for creating the first coin in the new Moments of Love series – The Kama Sutra.

The Kama Sutra is not just a sex manual that tells us about different sex positions. It is rather a guide that reveals the main premise of the oldest Indian treatise – a guide to the "art-of-living" well, as well as the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining one's love life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. In the text, it is said that desire, sexuality, and emotional fulfillment are the key proper goals in life. The Kama Sutra is something that differs from the common beliefs of most people about it because it immerses us in the philosophy and theory of love. The Kama Sutra is freely interpreted as a concept in which desires tie the world together, and the main premise is that sexual desire is something that should be cultivated.

As for the design of Kama Sutra coin, its background field is repleted with colourful floral patterns that are typical for Indian culture and region. The reverse depicts the passionate kiss of a naked woman and man. The obverse features a close up face-to-face portrait of the pair, with an intricate pattern between the two. The coin is thick and rimless, with the design going right to the edge.

The coin is made of the fine silver and has high relief. To the other peculiar features of the coin belong digital printing of the highest quality and selective gilding.

Add this visually striking, well realised, and unique coin to your already impressive collection today by following the link below!

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