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Lu Bu – Coin Dedicated to Famous Warrior of Ancient China!


Lu Bu is the first coin in "Warriors of Ancient China" series. It is devoted to one of the most powerful warriors of ancient China – Lu Bu.

Beautifully detailed, there is an incredibly dynamic depiction of Lu Bu fighting with three men simultaneously. These men belong to the characters who were well-known during the Three Kingdoms period. Lu Bu here is depicted as a vigorous warlord who is good at martial arts. According to The History of Three Kingdoms, he was a man of this kind, although he was not a good general who can properly direct troops and realize what was going on during a battle.

The creators of this coin were very inspired by his heroic deeds as he is commonly famous by the folk culture for being an unbeatable fighter. Lu Bu has even a nickname "The Flying General" because of his brilliant skills in archery and horse-riding. On the coin, we can observe the scene where Lu Bu and his rivals are fighting against each other. It is portrayed with exceptional accuracy on a relief surface of the 3 oz silver coin. Due to the combination of color printing and gold plating together with highlighted background, this composition makes allusion to traditional Chinese paintings.

The overall look of the coin is beautifully done. Peculiar features of this coin are not only high relief, which makes the whole picture more detailed but also selective gilding and shimmering application. The mintage is limited to only 500 pieces around the world.

Lu Bu and his enemies, whom he is trying to hit with his arrow, look like they came straight from an illuminated manuscript!

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