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Mercury – Planets and Gods 3 oz!


In June we presented the first coin of the new Planets and Gods series. The coin is dedicated to Mercury, the Ancient Roman god – and the planet named after him.  

Today we observe a rising interest to mythological themes: gods, epic heroes, legends. And some three years ago, the space theme was on the top among the coin collectors, declining gradually and surviving a rebirth due to the Moon landing anniversary. So, naturally an idea was born: to combine these two concepts into one. This new series will demonstrate the might of gods and the beauty of planetary bodies carrying their names.   

In ancient times, people believed that the gods lived in the skies. Eventually, observing the starry sky, people found out that some of the stars move across the celestial sphere with some regularity. These “wandering stars” later became associated with gods and bore their names. The idea to name planets after gods belonged to ancient Babylonians and, together with their rich astronomical legacy, was adopted by Ancient Greece and later by Ancient Rome.

The first coin of the series is produced from 3 oz of pure silver and depicts the god Mercury in a sitting pose with the eponymous planet on the background. The image of the god has been created with high relief technique and according to classical canons. In Ancient Rome, Mercury was known as the messenger of the gods and impersonated trade, communication and luck. His caduceus allowed him to solve conflicts, and his winged sandals made him the fastest among the gods. You can see these symbols on the coin as well.

A photographically accurate image of the planet Mercury has been reproduced on the background, serving a perfect contrast to silver relief surface. Mercury is the smallest and the fastest planet in the Solar System and that is why it bears the name of the god. The planet’s orbital period around the Sun is mere 88 days.

The Planets and Gods series will include eight releases in total. Each coin will showcase one of the gods and an eponymous planet. You can start collecting them with Mercury coin which is available for purchase on our website. Stay with us to learn about new releases and don’t forget to check our blog and social media.

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