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Panthera Lion – Charge Yourself with the Power of the "King of Beasts"!


This coin is the first one in the "Artistic Wildlife Expressions" series. Probably you have already noticed that the depiction of wild animals in coins is today widespread. That is why the designer of the coin has also decided to create such a collection in which images of animals will stand before you in a new light. The coin is dedicated to a lion - “King of Beasts” for glorifying his power and majesty.

It can be seen with the naked eye that the creator of this coin tries to do it as detailed as possible. He pays special attention to each and every detail in order to emphasize the values of the classic and masterful drawing of the author. The coin has high relief and an antique finish that also makes it so special.

Why lion? At all times, a lion is considered to be the “King of Beasts”. On this coin, his character is depicted in his emotions: we see him as a strong, majestic, and ferocious animal. In general, a lion is the image of royalty and the embodiment of heroic onset. It symbolizes power, stability, courage, and dignity.

Why should you purchase this one? There can be different interpretations of this coin. For some people, it can be a symbol of their power, majesty, and desire to "take over the world". For others, it can become a great motivation when something falls down in life. Just imagine, you get into difficulties, and you almost give up. But then you take the Leo coin in hands and get inspired by his strength, courage, and determined character.

Do not hesitate and add this masterpiece to your collection!

Buy Panthera Leo Coin!

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