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Spartan Hoplite – Legendary Warriors!


The Spartan Hoplite coin - a new project of Mint21 officially distributed by TopWorldCoins - is also a product that sets a new level of quality among the premium collectable coins.

The antiquity as the coin theme hasn’t been quite a new trend for collectors. In fact, after a 5 minute search on any dealer’s website you can find a nice set of antique gods, warriors and even gladiators. These coins can boast of good quality of material, nice artwork and high investment value. Following the trend, The Spartan Hoplite, nevertheless, stands out with its special composition and pristine quality of minting technique.

The key features of this coin include an appealing harmony of high relief with the composition and elaborate treatment of textures. Taking a closer look at the coin, you will notice that all of the objects on the reverse are not located on the flat two-dimensional plane, but fill the space. In other words, you will literally see the space between the warrior, the arrows and the army. By the way, the rim plays its own role here, for it becomes an active element of the image by being damaged with an arrow and demonstrating a special 3D volume effect.

While creating the concept of Spartan Hoplite, the artists of Mint21 referred to the images of warriors on ancient frescoes and vases. But here, on this coin you see not just some abstract warrior or allegoric figure, but a real living man made of flesh and blood. Such effect was reached with the special treatment of textures. If you compare these textures, you will see veins and muscles on the hoplite’s hands while his shield and his helmet look damaged in the battles.

We have no doubts in the skills of our photographer, as he tried to show you all the details of relief and composition. But no image can convey how Spartan Hoplite looks like in reality, so if you’d like to handle the coin and check yourself, follow the link below.

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