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The Legend of the Nibelungs – Explore This Great Story with Us!


We are happy to present to you one of the unique coins in projects of Mint21 officially distributed by TopWorldCoins – The Legend of the Nibelungs coin. What makes this coin so unique and special is that it is made of pure Muonionalusta meteorite. It is dedicated to one of the most famous European epic novels of all time – the Legend of Nibelungs, to be more exact the modern interpretation of it. Taking into consideration the Germanic-Scandinavian roots of the story, the creators of this coin chose Muonionalusta meteorite as a coin material because this particular meteorite was found in northern Scandinavia.

On the coin, we can see the legendary figures of Siegfried and Brunhild, who hold the same sword in hands. Their representation is incredibly surrounded by a beautiful frame. According to the legend, Siegfried and Brunhild set out in search of a fallen star. They find it and started to fight for it. At one point, they fall in love with each other. However, Siegfried and Brunhild should come back home, and as a symbol of their vow to meet again and marry, the heroes divide the meteorite into two halves. After that, they decide to forge the weapon from it. For Siegfried, they make a sword and for Brunhild – a spear. That is why the creators of The Legend of the Nibelungs coin made this weapon a central relief element on the coin.

As for the beautiful artwork of this coin, it renders more than just a depiction of saga heroes. Their representation shows us the conception of two opposite entities in a state of a constant struggle. And weapon plays here a significant role as it allegedly connects the heroes and at the same time, divides them by the weapon.

If you are a legendary and myths lover, know the worth of meteorites, and like when a coin conveys more than just aesthetic value but also carries some story behind a beautiful design, this coin is worth your attention. Follow the link below in order to become acquainted with this coin closer!

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