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The Three Graces – Personification of Beauty, Charm and Grace!


One of the most popular and bestselling coins created by Mint 21 – The Three Graces! This amazing 2 oz silver coin opens the "Celestial Beauty" series. It has a realistic depiction of three beautiful goddesses, graciously standing side by side. The mintage is capped at 500 pieces for global distribution.

This eye-catching coin is dedicated to the Three Graces. The ancient Greeks had three beautiful goddesses of youth, beauty and fun, who spread joy and charm.

Many artists used this topic and interpreted the story in their own way. For example, Raphael portrayed a group of three graceful figures – Innocence, Freedom, and Love – each holding a perfect golden ball, as a symbol of excellence. Sometimes the balls are interpreted as the golden apples that Heracles, in his 11th deed, was to receive from the garden of Hesperides. High detail in a professional drawing, figures that are organically interconnected and topped with nature motifs are successfully complemented into the image of the theme.

The Three Graces were minor goddesses and nymphs. Their parents were Zeus and Eurynome. The Three Graces were the representation of beauty, charm, and grace and were closely associated with the Nine Muses who were the main source of inspiration for various songs, dance, music, and poetry. The Three Graces are also associated with the qualities that give attractiveness to wisdom, love, and culture. The names of the Three Graces were Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne.

Owning this incredible coin with the depiction of three Graces, you can add a little bit celestial beauty to your collection!

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