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Viking Axeman – Coin Portraying a Courageous Viking Axeman in Battle!


Have you ever heard of how a single Viking's berserker rage changed world history forever? It was in 1066 when 300 Viking ships were on their way to England to attack Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. When the English King learned about the Viking landing in England, Harold took his waiting Army north to meet them. When the time came for the Anglo-Saxons to pursue, the bridge became a choke point the English just couldn't cross – because of one angry axe-wielding Viking who was cutting down Englishmen like it was his job. The Viking axeman held the English off for so long that the Vikings were able to form a shield wall on the other side of the river and prepare for whatever formation Harold was going to hurl at them. The sagas say during the Battle of Stamford one Viking axeman killed 40 Saxons in one-to-one combat as they tried to cross a bridge.

This coin continues the “Legendary Warriors” series, which pays tribute to the valiant warriors of past centuries and tells their story with a language of coin art. The coin depicts the Viking Axeman who holds an axe, looking threatening and wild with this weapon in his hands.

Vikings are often pictured clutching axes of different sizes. Axes were an important part of Viking’s life. Not just like weapons, but as tools, they simply couldn’t do without them in their daily lives. Axes were the most common weapons used during conflicts. One of the reasons why axes were a popular choice of weapon is due to their agility and compact size.

A great coin representing a fierce axeman who struck terror into the Saxons during the Battle of Stamford!

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