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Whydah Gally – Discover the History of One of the Well-Known Grand Shipwrecks and its Treasures!


This coin is the first one in a new "Grand Shipwrecks in a History" series. The subject of the given series is the grand shipwrecks in history and their treasures.

Exactly this coin is dedicated to the world’s only authenticated pirate ship – the Whydah Gally (also known simply as "Whydah").

Above all, let’s briefly find out about Wydah’s fascinating history and the mystery that surrounds its wreck. Whydah Gally was originally built as a British passenger, cargo, and slave ship in 1715. Two years later, almost after departing Jamaica, it was captured by the infamous pirate Captain Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy. Thereafter Bellamy sailed the Whydah up the coast of colonial America, hijacking ships on his way. Then on the night of April 26, 1717, when the pirate crew was too drunk to finish out the journey, the ship came afoul of a powerful Nor’easter. Whydah Gally broke up and the stern drifted away after the ship went down in a gale-force storm. After sinking off the coast of Cape Cod, the pirate ship Whydah Gally began to attract the attention and interest of many sailors. They wanted to know where the ship’s watery grave was and how much treasure it contained.

After Whydah sank off, new Englanders had been telling for a rather long time various legends and stories about Whydah's wreck until the ship’s remains were discovered off the coast of Wellfleet, MA by the underwater explorer Barry Clifford in 1984. Among the findings, a well-preserved bell that helped to identify the remains of the Whydah Gally. Since that time, this ship becomes a monumental finding, because even now it remains the only fully authenticated and positively identified pirate shipwreck that has been ever recovered.

For 30 years since its discovery, Clifford has brought great amounts of treasure up from the wreckage of the Whydah. But he still believes that the biggest cache could still be beneath the sea. What is also interesting that although Clifford knew the real price of Whydah artifacts, he does not sell them.

On the coin, we can see the depiction of the luxurious Whydah Gally, represented with the help of the digital printing technique and encircled by a ring of floral ornaments. Special attention should be paid to the place of the shipwreck with treasures on the seabed that has been greatly reproduced in 1.5 mm relief on the foreground. Moreover, there are the inscriptions "Whydah Gally" that are greatly stamped in the top left corner of the coin.

This coin is a time machine that will allow you to feel the atmosphere of those times! Add it to your collection today by following the link below!

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