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Warrior of Azovstal 2 oz Antique Finish Silver Coin 5$ Niue 2022

  1. The Ukrainian soldiers that resisted in Azovstal are proof that putting up against a powerful aggressor has and will always right. In this 2 oz silver coin their struggle is portrayed with a digitally printed member of the regiment wearing metaphorical armor. It is decorated with the metallurgic plant that served them as a covert and a symbol of stout resistance. May their heroic feats never be forgotten with this commemorative piece. It’ll surely find a special place in your collection and your heart.

  2. All profits will be donated to support Ukrainian military and humanitarian efforts.

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Country: Niue Metal Purity: 999 Box: Yes
Year of Issue: 2022 Coin Weight: 62.2 g CoA: Yes
Face Value: 5 dollars Dimensions: 50 mm Coin Accent: High relief, Digital printing
ID: NU1433 Quality: Antique finish Mintage quantity: 333 pcs
  1. It started with citizens and troops locked together inside an industrial complex, 'Azovstal' in Mariupol. Around 3,000 Ukrainian forces held back a far more considerable Russian force in a quagmire that caused agony and death. Inside, civilians and soldiers were short of food, weapons, and medicine to treat the dozens of wounded. Enemy ships and artillery units bombarded the facility day and night. Some families managed to leave.

  2. However, there was no relief for the Azovstal warriors. The enemy waged siege warfare to force them from their stronghold. The Azov soldiers paid a too-high price.

  3. Despite their valiant effort, the situation eventually became intolerable. The Ukrainian military high command was forced to make a difficult decision: to turn defenders up as prisoners of war to save the remaining combatants' lives. 2,500 fighters were transported to a detention camp in a region under Russian authority, where they were subjected to physical and moral abuse for several months.

  4. Is this happening in the 21st century? How could the world allow the restoration of a totalitarian regime and the anarchy that suddenly loomed over the land of a sovereign independent state in the very heart of Europe?

  5. On this coin, we remember the feat of the defenders of Azovstal, who bravely and fearlessly stood against universal evil. The warrior is wearing a symbolic metallurgical plant armor in high relief that serves as a covert symbol of their endurance. With this iconic 2 oz silver piece, the gallantry and bravery of the Azov troops won't go unrecognized. It’s time to immortalize their deeds with this piece of art.

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Super!!! God bless Niue !
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the coin will become a rarity
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